Road to somewhere beautiful!

All roads are meant to take you somewhere, some of these roads are meant to take you to the most beautiful places on earth. Each of them have a purpose to serve. To come to think of it, if not for these roads we would not be able to witness some of the finest creations of Nature. A well paved road with a back drop of a mesmerizing landscape is irresistible. Can my fascination for roads be justified with these pictures?

Scenic drive, Algonquin, Chicago
Algonquin, IL
Scenic Drive, Mt Evans, Colorado
Mt Evans, Colorado
Scenic Drive, Leadville, colorado
Leadville, Colorado
Scenic drive, Colorado, Scenic byway
Scenic Byway, Colorado
Scenic Road, 17 Mile Drive
17 Mile Drive, Monterey
Scenic Drive, Independence Pass, Colorado
Independence Pass, Colorado
Mt Evans Peak, Scenic Drive, Colorado Amazing Roads
Mt Evans, Colorado
Scenic drive, Colorado, Fall Colors in Colorado
Colorado Scenic Drive
Scenic Roads, Kereala, Wayanad, India
Wayanad, Kerala, India
Bandipur National Forest Wildlife, Karnataka, India
Bandipur National Forest, Karnataka, India

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