Food scene in Bangalore, India

It has exactly been 12 months since I was in Bangalore and I can’t begin to tell how much the foodscape has changed since then. So many more new restaurants, bars and gastro-pubs have opened up. Such is the pace with which the food scene is evolving here. Even so, it doesn’t seem like Bangalore has had enough, each and every one of these places are jam-packed almost everyday. Even with the new glamorous food scene out here, somehow many of the classic old Bangalore restaurants have managed to not only survive, but grow to be more popular than ever. Not to forget, the street food in Bangalore is mind-blowing too, the gaadi-walas [street cart vendors] selling the tangy, spicy masala puris and the pani puris, the bhel puri corners, the Bengaluru style wok tossed Chinese food trucks that make the best noodles and gobi manchurian and khao-galli [food street], an entire one mile stretch filled with street food vendors serving everything and anything you want to eat.

This city being my home town, I have seen it grow from a small, green, retirement city to this gigantic IT hub with a progressive bend to it. I can’t be more excited than this to see how my very own home has gone from Bangalore to the Bengaluru it is today.

I am in town for 10 days, and all I want to do is to try out all the new chic food spots. Of course, that’s not going to happen even if I could eat five meals a day. Nor is one post enough for me to list all the places I love to eat at in this awesome city. Here are some ah-mazing eat-outs I have been able to dine at.

SLV Tiffin Center

Type: Breakfast

Cuisine: South Indian

SLV, idly vada, chutney, bangalore

idly, vada, bangalore, indian food, tiffin


Type: Fine Dining

Cuisine: Parsi, Iranian

sodabottleopenerwala, bangalore cheese pav, parsi food, mumbai food, bangalore, sodabottleopenerwala Dhansak, parsi dish, bangalore, sodabottleopenerwala

Hari Super Sandwich

Type: Street Food

Cuisine: Indian

chocolate sandwich, hari's super sandwich

sandwich, bangalore, street food, hari's


Type: Fine Dining

Cuisine: Italian

pasta, bangalore, italian

Italian food, Bangalore, restaurants


Type: Fine Dining, Buffet

Cuisine: Sattvic[Indian]

buffet, vegetarian, dessert, Bangalore, Indian food

Buffet, Vegetarian Buffet, Bangalore, Indian food

Fennys Lounge and Kitchen

Type: Gastro Pub, Fine Dining, Lounge

Cuisine: European, Mediterranean

fennys, Bangalore, Bar food, Cheese Jalapeno Poppers

Aromas of China

Type: Fine Dining

Cuisine: Chinese

Chilli Garlic Noodles, Indo-Chinese food, fried rice, Bangalore, India

Monkey Bar

Type: Gastro Pub

Cuisine: Bar food

Manga, Monkey Bar, Bangalore, Food

Mango, Bangalore, pub, bar, Monkey Bar

Social – Cafe & Bar

Type: Urban Hangout Cafe

Cuisine: Innovative fusion

Mediterranean, Bangalore, Hummus, Social

Social, Bangalore, Food, Hangout

The Fatty Bao

Type: Gastro Pub

Cuisine: Asian

Bao, Bangalore, Chinese, Asian
The Fatty Bao

Coffee Day

Type: Coffee House

Cuisine: Cafe style

coffee, Bangalore, coffee day


Golguppa – wala

Type: Street Food

Cuisine: Indian

street food, pani puri, bangalore

golguppa, bangalore, street food



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